Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he was born an alcoholic, and is going to die an alcoholic.

On Wednesday, Ford answered reporters' questions for the first time since returning to the city from a two-month absence during which he underwent substance abuse treatment.

Sitting down with CP24's Stephanie Smyth, the mayor said he decided to seek treatment after realizing his choices were ruining his health, his family, and his job as mayor.

Now that he's back from treatment at GreeneStone in Muskoka, Ford said he's taking it one day at a time.

"I know I didn't drink yesterday, and I know I haven't drank today," Ford said.

When asked what drugs he has abused in the past, Ford was blunt.

"Every drug that you can think of, probably," he said, naming marijuana and magic mushrooms as examples. Ford said he has not abused heroin, however.

When pressed to clarify whether he would quit if he resumed abusing substances, he emphasized that he is receiving professional treatment "for the rest of my life."

In the meantime, Ford suggested he was fit to continue his political career, as long as he continues to receive treatment.

"I'm not cured after 60 days," he said.

On Tuesday, Ford received a mix response from Torontonians as he attended Canada Day events around town. While some heckled the mayor, others offered words of encouragement, including one man who called Ford his “hero.”

Whether the people of Toronto will support him or not, Ford said, will be up to them when the municipal election ballots are cast on Oct. 27.

Other highlights from the interview:

  • On his mixed reception at a Canada Day parade Tuesday: "This is politics, you're never going to make everyone happy."
  • On whether his course of treatment was enough: "It's not my call, it's the professionals' call. I completed the program."
  • On whether he's a crack addict: "Substance abuse is everything. I was born with blond hair, I'm going to die with blond hair," he said. "I was born an alcoholic, I'm going to die an alcoholic."
  • On regrets: "Now that I know, I wish someone explained this to me many, many years ago. I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy."
  • On his drug connections: "I'm not going to get into the criminal element," he said. Without naming any names, he added: "I do not associate with those people."
  • On his apparent lack of apology to those offended by his racist and homophobic remarks: "I think I did, and if I haven't then I'll apologize again. And everything I said while I was using, I offended a lot of people, all I can do is apologize again and say sorry."