OTTAWA – The Conservatives have revealed what will be the party's main message to voters during the 2019 federal election campaign: "It's time for you to get ahead."

In a new television ad launching Monday but exclusively provided to CTV News in advance, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer delivers the affordability-focused message that the party says will be the campaign's central "positive" slogan. 

"My plan for Canadians? Lower the cost of living, and leave more money in your pockets. I believe that Canadians across this country are so frustrated because they're working so hard and they’re following all the rules, but they feel like they're falling further and further behind or that they're barely getting by," Scheer says in the ad, seated in front of a brightly-lit window with nothing but green trees in view.

The ad begins with Scheer's name and title on the screen, as the party is still working on introducing him to Canadians after winning the leadership contest in 2017.

He goes on to say that he has a plan to lower the cost of living, and make life more affordable.

From the Liberals' years-long focus on "the middle class and those working hard to join it," and the NDP’s prioritization of issues like housing and health care, to the Conservatives' emphasis on taxes, affordability is set to be a central issue in this coming campaign, with each party offering its own plan.

The Conservatives say the election will come down to who Canadians trust to put more money in their pockets.

Scheer's reference to Canadians feeling frustrated because they can't get ahead despite "following all the rules," is a knock on the Liberal government, which the Conservatives continue to try and frame as working in the interest of the wealthy and well-connected.

The logo of the slogan, done in the Conservative Party blue, comes on screen at the end of the ad, with "you" in a lighter blue cursive font.

Scheer makes no mention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in this ad, though in a statement accompanying it he says that Trudeau has "spent the last four years helping his political insiders get ahead. I think it’s time for you to get ahead." 

The Conservatives have already been pushing a second, more attack-ad style message framing Trudeau "not as advertised." The party and its candidates will continue to use both as they campaign across Canada.

The federal election is scheduled for Oct. 21, with the campaign expected to be formally launched by mid-September.

With files from CTV News' Michel Boyer