When it comes to sharing photos of your kids online, how much is too much?

That’s the question social media researcher Anatoliy Gruzd says trips up a lot of parents, as they struggle to balance children’s privacy with their personal desire to share with family and friends.

Gruzd says it can be difficult to resist the urge to share, especially when others are doing it too.

“If other parents are sharing then you feel a bit of social pressure to share,” he told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday.

But when it comes to choosing what to share, he says parents shouldn’t post anything that would compromise their child when he or she grows up.

Gruzd suggests following the example of many parenting bloggers who serve a “very important function” by talking about their kids, while also keeping them anonymous.

“There are ways to talk about your kids without necessarily disclosing who they are,” he said.

He also recommends reviewing your online security settings so that posts stay within your network of friends and family, rather than being exposed to the public.

Gruzd says consent is another major issue to consider with children.

“As soon as a child matures, parents should have a conversation with the kid,” he said.

Ultimately, he says the key is not to share anything that might negatively impact your child’s life when he or she grows up.