A British Columbia woman and her son drove for 16 hours to rescue a pit bull dog from a shelter in California earlier this month.

Paula Power had owned a pit bull in the past and when she was ready to adopt another, couldn’t find any in shelters near her home in Chilliwack, B.C.

Power says she called the Canada Border Services Agency to ask about the requirements for bringing a dog into Canada from nearby Washington State. The woman she spoke with ended up being a dog lover and advised her to check out the Facebook page of the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, Calif., she says.

The shelter’s Facebook page suggested animals would euthanized if the shelter couldn’t find them a home, so Power called her son and asked him to join her on the 1,500-km journey.

“Everybody was a little amazed that we drove all that way to come to the shelter,” she said.

Power picked a dog named Joyce and renamed her Sophie.

“She was just very attentive and loving,” she told CTV News Channel on Wednesday.

“We found out since then that she is amazing and smart,” she added.

Pit bulls have been banned in Ontario and Montreal but are legal in British Columbia.