It’s not likely to become the next fad diet, but Delphanie Colyer and Jeremy St. Onge say their mission to eat only wild food all year is catching on.

“It has been very interesting to see how many people have been inspired by our adventure and are incorporating it in some way, small or large, in their own lives,” St. Onge told CTV Northern Ontario.

After extensive planning and research, the North Bay couple began what they’ve dubbed their “Big Wild Year” in January. They’re trying to go all year eating only food they forage or grow themselves. It’s limited their diet to things like sedge seeds, berries, mushrooms, and even bugs.

The new diet hasn’t completely snuffed out their desire for mainstream food. Colyer misses spicy foods, including meals made with chili peppers, she said, plus a couple of more specific favourites: “I’m craving a baked potato and I miss sauerkraut,” she said. “I miss a lot of the pickled things.”

St. Onge doesn’t hesitate to name the foods he’s missing either: coconut cream pie and potato chips.

But the couple plans to indulge in those items again soon -- in less than 150 days when they dial back the experiment by about 20 per cent. They’re eager to add regular spices to their recipes, and use olive oil and butter to cook again.

“Next year, we’ll probably aim for about 80 per cent of wild food,” said Colyer.