Dave High, 61, isn’t on Twitter. He doesn’t even own a cell phone. But on his 35th business anniversary, he experienced how powerful social media can be when combined with human kindness.

Located along an outdoor shopping centre in Northwest Fresno, Calif., Dave put out cupcakes and drinks for passing customers earlier this week to celebrate the anniversary of his health food store.

Nobody showed up.

That is, until Kayla Jackson, 23, the wife of a security guard at the shopping centre who often takes breaks inside Dave’s shop, noticed.

“He was just sitting there, he had this sad look on his face and he kept repeating to us, ‘it’s our anniversary, it’s our 35th anniversary today. It’s really slow; it’s one of our slowest days,’” Kayla told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview.

Deciding to do something about it, Kayla took to Twitter and put out this call:

"This is Dave, he owns Sunrise Health. Today is his 35th anniversary, and he was expecting people to come in, and no one showed up. I just got here, and he brought everything out to celebrate. Can we get him some recognition?"

Not stopping there, Kayla continued to tweet updates, posting more pictures and Dave’s phone number, encouraging people to give him a call and congratulate him.

Within two hours, her tweets went viral, Dave’s store was full and Dave’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

Dave and his wife, Christina, run the small mom and pop shop together. They have five children and one grandchild. After meeting at Frensno State, they opened the store after they graduated in 1983.

In an interview with ABC Action 30 News, Dave admits he doesn’t know much about social media or advertising, attributing his longevity to old fashion customer service.

“I can memorize dates, or names, and I try to be friendly to people, and I’ve got the Irish background. Maybe it’s just stubbornness,” Dave told Action 30 News.

Kayla described Dave as “amazing.”

“He is just a really friendly guy. It’s so easy to talk to him and get along with him. You just get lost in time talking to him,” she said.

When asked if she would continue to help Dave with social media, Kayla told CTVNews.ca she’s happy to do so, if that’s what Dave wants.