The deadly Ebola outbreak has not arrived in Canada, but two cases of health care workers who became infected after treating a patient in Texas have left nurses and other front-line workers on both sides of the border fearful.

Dallas nurses who treated Thomas Eric Duncan – the first person to be diagnosed and die from Ebola in the U.S. – worked for days without proper protective gear. A statement released by the largest U.S. nurses' union Tuesday alleged that:

  • Duncan was kept in a non-isolated area of the hospital for hours
  • Nurses treating Duncan were also caring for other patients
  • The only Ebola preparation at the hospital was an optional seminar

Meanwhile, north of the border, the vice-president of the United Nurses of Alberta provided her own example of poor guidance: Nurses have been told they could wear regular masks when they should only be wearing N95 masks when treating possible Ebola patients.

The bad advice and lack of training has the Alberta union calling for more education.

It also has nurses in Canada and the U.S. posting anonymous messages admitting what they really want to say about Ebola on the secret-sharing app Whisper. CTV News cannot independently verify the authenticity of the users, but all of the users identify themselves as nurses or front-line workers.

As a front line nurse I am terrified by the Ebola virus, even though it is not in Canada yet.
I'm a nurse & the thought of a patient being placed on our floor diagnosed with Ebola terrifies me.
Really? If you're a real "front-line" nurse you'd know that Ebola isn't what we should be scared of. Enterovirus-68 is more dangerous to a lot more people. And yes I'm a "front line" nurse (ER) in a major metropolitan area.
I'm an ER nurse. I already risk getting a ton of different diseases from my patients. I'll do what I have to do if I have a possible Ebola pt. However if I get sick and anyone lays a hand on my dogs, I will loose my ever-loving mind.
I'm a nurse and I'm thinking about quitting my job if this Ebola virus gets to Miami... But I'm mostly afraid of giving it to my family. #controlitnowWashington!
This whole Ebola thing has me reconsidering going to school to be a nurse.
I work in a Boston hospital, we are seriously afraid of catching Ebola.  More afraid than with any other illness.  But we'll lie and smile to your face saying it's nothing.
I'm a nurse and I'm right there with you. I won't feel like it's fair if we have to deal with this, and I'll probably quit before I take an ebola patient assignment.
It's part of the job. We deal with infectious diseases all the time and don't get them. Someone has to care for them and it's nurses that must do it.
I rather be a fired nurse than a nurse with Ebola  #mylife