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Mom who treated daughter's cancer with CBD oil instead of chemo, surgery gets 90 days in jail

Christina Dixon was sentenced to 90 days in jail and supervised probation. (KPTV via CNN Newsource) Christina Dixon was sentenced to 90 days in jail and supervised probation. (KPTV via CNN Newsource)

At the start of the proceeding, Oregon mother Christina Dixon stood in court calm and composed but as it went on, she became emotional. The district attorney asked the judge for 19 months in jail but instead, she was sentenced to 90 days in jail and supervised probation.

“The reason that Kylee is alive today is because she got the chemotherapy, because she got surgery, because of tumours removed,” said the DA.

“I sentence you to 90 days in custody,” said the Judge. “I am going to find that probationary sentence would be appropriate in the circumstance.”

That’s what 39-year old Christina Dixon received in Clackamas County court on Monday morning.

In 2019, then 13-year old Kylee, was being treated for liver cancer. Later that year, Dixon was indicted for failing to take Kylee in for a scheduled surgery.

“After the third round of chemotherapy, she said ‘no,’” said Deputy DA Brian Powell. “She said ‘no,’ despite 23 physicians at Saint Jude agreeing on diagnosis, she said ‘no.’”

Doctors said they wanted to continue chemotherapy.

Instead, Dixon took Kylee to Las Vegas to avoid a court order and claimed Kylee did better using CBD oil.

Kylee was taken into protective custody and Christina went to jail.

Nearly five years later in court, Dixon was emotional as she awaited sentencing.

“I never wanted to stop her treatment,” said Dixon. “It was just with this particular doctor. I would’ve never put Kylee in harms way. I did everything to fight for her life and I put my own life on the line for her.”

Kylee’s father was also in the courtroom. He said he doesn’t believe justice was served.

“I’m glad there’s closure finally,” said Jim Dixon. “I was a little sad to see how easy she got off on all this considering all the damage she’s done.”

A judge later ordered that Kylee would have surgery to treat her cancer.

“The truth is that Kylee had a tumour that CBD wasn’t doing a thing to help. The only thing that was helping was the treatment that she was getting and she had the surgery and she’s cancer free now because of it,” said Jim Dixon. “We love you, Kylee. We wish you the best.”

Kylee is now cancer free and will be 18 years old later this year. Her father says she is doing well. When we asked about her whereabouts, he said he doesn’t know. Top Stories

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