SEATTLE -- A nearly 6-month-old baby has died after contracting an Aspergillus mould infection at Seattle's Children's hospital.

Beth Hutt died early Wednesday, The Seattle Times reported. Her parents, Katie and Micah Hutt, said in a Facebook post that they were very grateful to the team that watched over their daughter.

Beth was born in August with a heart condition and was rushed from Tacoma General Hospital to Seattle Children's, where she had three surgeries, beginning when she was 5 days old.

At some point at Seattle Children's, Beth contracted an infection in her heart from the Aspergillus mould, a recurring problem that has sickened patients at the hospital as far back as 2001.

Beth's family is involved in a class-action lawsuit against Children's, first filed in December on behalf of the families of patients who have been sickened from the mould.