Simon Cowell hid in his closet when an intruder broke into his home.

Leanne Zaloumis was reportedly found in the bathroom of the music mogul's London house with half a brick above her head and her hands drenched in blood in March and the ‘X Factor’ boss admitted he was terrified by the incident.

Cowell said: "I ended up hiding in one of my wardrobe closets until the police found her. That was a little spooky."

Cowell was especially creeped out when he discovered she had copied the serial killer from the movie 'Seven' by writing 'Help me' on his wall in blood.

He explained to In Touch Weekly magazine: "A week later, I watched the movie 'Seven' and serial killer did exactly the same thing."

After hearing a "loud bang" when the intruder crashed through the window when he was watching television in his home, Simon alerted his staff, who in turn called Scotland Yard and sent a squad of armed officers to the property.

Zaloumis was then found hiding on a shelf seven feet off the ground in a walk-in wardrobe.

The intruder appeared in court last month to be sentenced for the break-in.

She was handed a 12-month community order with a mental health requirement.

Zaloumis has also been ordered to stay away from Cowell under a restraining order, while she must also wear an electronic tag and adhere to a strict curfew.