Actor Rob Lowe called out Air Canada's low-cost carrier "rouge" via Twitter early this week, poking fun at the cabin crew's Justin Timberlake-inspired uniforms and complaining about lack of legroom on the flight.

During a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles on Sunday, Lowe shared his disappointment regarding the airline with his 800,000-plus Twitter followers.

Air Canada “rouge” offers three types of seats: Rouge; Rouge Plus, which offers extra legroom and, Premium Rouge which places passengers at the front of the plane for even more space.

The 50-year-old seemed to be particularly taken with the outfits of the cabin crew, posting a picture of their uniforms, complete with "jaunty hats," on Tuesday.

Air Canada's corporate spokeperson, Renee Smith Valade, issued a statement to CTV News:

"Rob Lowe was seated in our Premium rouge cabin, and we hope -- notwithstanding his comments on the seats -- that overall he enjoyed the service and our rouge crew. ...  Our crew do indeed wear grey trilby hats as part of their uniform – which he also commented on – hats that are so popular that many customers ask us onboard if they can buy them.

"We value customer feedback of all kinds and a chance to respond… hopefully Rob Lowe -- and all of our customers -- will keep it coming"