Drake has a thing for capturing headlines with his courtside fashion, and his latest sartorial flex is no exception.

Michael Nguyen, designer and owner of Garrison Bespoke, recently gifted Drake a diamond-encrusted jacket.

The price tag?

“It’s about $747,000, at today’s exchange rate,” Garrison Bespoke owner Michael Nguyen told CTV News Toronto.

The jacket was not paid for by MLSE.

The lavish jacket is adorned with 235 lab-made diamonds which were hand-sewn onto the jacket to create the owl logo associated with Drake’s OVO brand. The owl eyes are each 1.2 carats.

Nguyen spent a year and a half creating the jacket from scratch. He described the design as a “combination of old-world-tailoring with new-world innovation.” The fabric itself is a cut of vintage jersey nearly 100 years old imported from Europe – a subtle nod to basketball history.

“And why it’s unique is the fact that it’s actually jersey. So the original jerseys for basketball were actually made because they’re jersey cloth,” Nguyen said.

The flashy coat is a showstopper, and Nguyen said he’s received plenty of inquiries from stylists since the gift was revealed.

“This one is over the top. It’s the best one I’ve ever done. Maybe the best I’ll ever make,” he said.

After presenting Drake with the gift, the Raptors went on to crush the Milwaukee Bucks 120-102, tying the Eastern Conference finals. Game 5 will be held Thursday in Milwaukee.

Drake often draws attention at games for his courtside style and meme-able antics. On Tuesday, Drake got up from his seat to offer a brief shoulder massage to Raptors coach Nick Nurse.

His decision to wear a “Breaker High” sweatshirt earlier this month earned him props from fans of the 1990s television show about a high school set on a cruise ship.

Oddly enough, one of Drake’s most memorable courtside fashion moments had nothing to do with what he wore. In 2014, during a game against Brooklyn, Drake was caught on camera using a lint roller to clean his pants. A few games later, after the video went viral, the Raptors handed out 1,200 OVO-branded lint rollers to fans in Toronto.

The jacket was the fifth design Nguyen has made for Drake on behalf of the Raptors, and he’s already thinking about what next year’s will look like – though those plans are “top secret at the moment.”

“We’re following what Drake’s doing… whatever he’s doing, that’s where we’ll be going."