Potential spoiler alert: Walter White survived the end of the TV series "Breaking Bad," and now appears to be working as a bus driver in B.C., perhaps as part of a witness relocation program.

At least, that's the tongue-in-cheek theory circulating on Reddit these days, after one user shared a photo online of a bus driver who distinctly resembles Bryan Cranston's meth-cooking character from the AMC television show.

The photo shows a bald man with heavy eyebrows, a black goatee and glasses, wearing a reflective jacket.


#9201Just Mr. White driving the 135 to Burrard

Posted by SFU Confessions on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The image was originally posted last September on a Facebook page called SFU Confessions, for students attending Simon Fraser University.

"Just Mr. White driving the 135 to Burrard," the poster wrote in a caption.

The image was later posted to Reddit, where it has accumulated approximately 2.38 million views.

Users flooded the comments section of the post with puns based on the show.

"Breaking Bus," one person said.

"Braking Bad," added another.

"You're goddamn right," said a third person.

Others played off Walter White's well-known declaration in the show: "I am the one who knocks. I am the danger."

"I am the one who honks," one user said.

"I am the one who stops," said another.