Bradley Cooper is always bemused as to why people are so shocked when they see him on the subway.

The "American Sniper" star is a regular on the underground in New York City and thinks it's a perfectly normal occurrence for a famous actor to use such a form of public transport because it is the "best way" to travel around the city.

He said: "I don't ever see myself as a movie star. I feel like I’m able to live a very normal life.

"It seems crazy to me that using the subway is seen as a sign of being normal! It's a sign of being logical - It's the best way to get around the city."

Cooper also looks set to be a regular on the London Tube network as the 40-year-old hunk will star in theatre production "The Elephant Man" - in which he plays main character John Merrick on Broadway - at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in the English capital from May 19 to Aug. 8, but he insists he's not doing it for financial gain.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "There's something about the physical manifestation of the movie star, who by nature has to be looked at, playing this part. I get that.

"This isn't about making money. It’s not a money gig. I’m bringing him home, to London."

Cooper's co-stars Patricia Clarkson (Mrs. Kendal) and Alessandro Nivola (Dr. Frederick Treves) will also make the trip across the pond to appear in the production in the West End and he can't wait to take to the stage in London with them.

He said: "Never did we think we would have the privilege to perform this show on Broadway, let alone in London. I’m honoured that Alessandro, Patricia, the entire company and I have the opportunity to continue to tell his story.”