Life’s about to get good for Shania Twain fans who have been patiently waiting for new music from the legendary country music star for a whopping 15 years.

The 51-year-old country-pop star has revealed that she will be releasing her fifth full-length studio album “Now” in September. The first single off the comeback album “Life’s About To Get Good” was released last month.

After struggling with a vocal cord disorder called dysphonia for nearly a decade, the Canadian singer-songwriter told CTV’s Your Morning on Friday that she’s finally ready to perform again.

On top of her vocal issues, Twain was also diagnosed with Lyme disease and went through a difficult divorce from her husband and producer Mutt Lange.

She told The Canadian Press that she’s been battling complications from Lyme disease, including problems with her voice, ever since a tick bit her in Norfolk, Va. during her 2003-04 “Up!” tour.

The superstar said those painful experiences and hard times helped shape the direction of her new album.

“I’m not nervous about being honest and candid,” Twain said. “I’m just at a time in my life right now where I’m owning my experiences and I’m not apologizing for my downs.”

As for whether or not the country music queen will be hitting the stage for another tour in the near future, Twain said she thinks she’ll plan one.

“I really do think it’s time to get back out there and give the music a chance to live live,” she said. “It is great to be back in the saddle.”

Twain’s new album “Now” will be released Sept. 29.

With files from The Canadian Press