Had she only used raw political brutality in a bare-knuckle brawl for a contested Conservative party nomination, MP Eve Adams would’ve been a twinkle in Stephen Harper’s eye.

The Prime Minister tolerates, if not encourages, Conservatives to deploy every advantage to win – against each other if required. 

Adams used MP resources, internal party data and her boyfriend’s insider clout as Conservative party executive director to gain an edge over a credible local rival.

Those are textbook tactics perfected, if not invented, under Harper’s party leadership and unleashed by people like her fiancé, Dimitri Soudas.

But this fallen-star couple miscalculated Harper’s zero tolerance for bad behavior which goes beyond cold-blooded political strategy.

Soudas ignored his contractual pledge to stay away from Eve Adams’ fight for a fresh riding to conquer. He had to go.

Now we await his verdict on Adams' troublesome conduct.

Adams allegedly antagonized incredulous party workers at a private meeting. 

As security cameras watched, she berated a gas station owner for an unsatisfactory car wash, a man who has been hailed by local media as the friendliest in Ottawa.

This follows improperly claimed beauty products as campaign expenses and her apparent belief Parliament Hill stop signs apply only to others. 

Those are chair-kicking sins for this prime minister – and grounds for ostracization if not ouster from the Conservative caucus.

Of course Harper won’t have to tolerate Eve Adams for long, even if she remains on his benches.

She’ll lose this nomination battle and cannot retreat back to her current riding as Plan B at this stage.

She will be gone with the dropping of the writ leaving behind a lesson others should heed.

As some with Adams and Eve for a name might know, eating the forbidden fruit of political entitlement is a fast way to proving you’re a dispensable mortal.