SARAJEVO, Bosnia -- The Bosnian government convened an emergency meeting late Wednesday after a man armed with an automatic rifle killed two Bosnian soldiers in a betting shop and injured three people on a public bus driving by.

Police spokesman Irfan Nefic said the attack happened in the Sarajevo suburb of Rajlovac and that the two soldiers were killed instantly in the betting shop. The attacker then shot at a public bus and fragments of the broken glass injured the driver and two passengers.

Nefic said the suspect is still at large and an investigation is under way. He said it is too early to say what motivated the attack.

The Bosnian government said it was meeting for an emergency session following the incident late Wednesday.

Special police were seen blocking off a neighbourhood near the location of the attack but Nefic would not reveal any information about the ongoing manhunt.

The Bosnian Army issued a statement saying two of its soldiers have been killed and one was slightly injured. The security level has been raised on military locations throughout the country.