WARNING: This story contains graphic language that some readers may find offensive

A woman who was filmed calling an Edmonton man a “Paki” with “sh*t-coloured skin” says she is “not a racist.”

Rahul Kumar, an HR professional who moved from India to Canada seven years ago, filmed the encounter outside his home on his cellphone last week.

In the video, a woman yells at Kumar over a parking dispute.

“You can film all you want Paki. Yes Paki, that’s you with the sh*t-coloured skin,” she’s heard yelling at him from the driver’s seat of her car.

The woman who made the comments called CTV Edmonton after the report aired and criticized the coverage, saying that she is “not a racist.”

The woman, who identified herself as Angelique, said the dispute began weeks ago when Kumar approached her at a housing complex where she was visiting a friend.

“He went crazy and started banging on my window, telling me I’m f*cking stupid, move my f*cking car,” she told CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier.

When she returned last week, building management asked her to move her car again, and that’s when she unleashed her verbal tirade, she said.

Asked whether the parking disagreement justifies the racist language used, she said, “It doesn’t matter if it justifies it or not; it happened and that’s where I took it, and I’m responsible for that.”

She is unapologetic. “I can live with myself,” she said. “I have no problem looking in the mirror ... I love myself. I have no problem with what happened.”

Kumar says he was stunned by the woman’s comments. “I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

At one point in the video, the woman mixes up two countries where she thinks Kumar is from before she mocks his accent.

“F***ing East Indian Paki bulls**t,” she shouts at him.

“Go back to your f*cking country, man,” she adds.

Towards the end of the video, the woman can be seen driving off, but not before she spits on Kumar’s car and calls him a “loser.”

Kumar said he was concerned because the woman’s profanity-laden rant was within earshot of children, who were playing nearby.

“It is very disturbing,” he said. “I didn’t go to work last evening because I had to stay with my family.”

With a report from CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier