Two years after a photo of their son's birth went viral, two Toronto fathers are sharing their story about the surrogacy process in a new children's book.

BJ Barone and Frank Nelson say they wrote the book "Milo's Adventures" through the eyes of their son, who is now two.

"The book is told through Milo's perspective, and it's how he came to be," Nelson told CTV News Channel.

The book takes the reader through the ups and downs of their surrogacy process, from the couple deciding to have a baby, looking for a surrogate mother, and finally, the story of the photo of the two fathers meeting Milo for the first time.

The emotional snap of Barone and Nelson holding the newborn Milo was taken on June 27, 2014, during WorldPride Week.

Photo of dads holding baby goes viral

It quickly went viral, and the couple was inundated with messages of support and encouragement.

However, earlier this year, their touching photo was used without their permission as part of an anti-surrogacy campaign in Europe .

Barone said the photo's use in the anti-surrogacy campaign was one of the reasons the couple decided to share the story of how their family came to be.

"We wanted to share it, because we were receiving a lot of negative criticism from politicians in Europe," he said. "We wanted to spread the message and show the world that family is about love. Every family is created differently."

The two high school teachers say having a child has changed their relationship, making them more appreciative of each other and certainly more patient.

"And we argue a little bit more as well," Nelson said, laughing.

The two don't rule out the possibility of maybe having another child in the future, however they are enjoying the adventure that is parenthood for now.

"This last weekend we got to go away together for the first time without Milo in two years, that was nice," Nelson said.

BJ Barone and Frank Nelson