Even after 30 years on the job, a Vancouver police sergeant says he was “shocked” when he issued a distracted driving ticket to a motorist who had just received the same ticket only eight minutes earlier.

The driver of a rented Hyundai Accent was first pulled over for using a cell phone at the busy intersection of Granville Street and West Broadway on Wednesday afternoon. Const. Prab Brar gave him a $368 fine for using an electronic device while driving.

Less than eight minutes later and only six blocks away from where he was first pulled over, the man was stopped again - this time by Sgt. Mark Christensen, who handed him another $368 ticket for distracted driving.

“When I pulled him over, the first words out of his mouth were, ‘I just got a ticket for this,’” Christensen recalled to CTV Vancouver on Thursday.

When Brar heard that the same driver was caught again for the offence he had just fined him for, he said he was surprised.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said.

In a warning to other motorists, the Vancouver Police Department’s Traffic Unit shared photos of the two traffic tickets on their Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Cell phone $0… Rental Car $79… Getting caught by #VPD #distracteddriving TWICE within 8min & 6 blocks = EXPENSIVE (& Dangerous!)” the tweet read.

The driver owes a combined total of $736, according to VPD. He will also receive 8 demerit points for the two infractions.

Even though the out-of-province motorist told Christensen he wouldn’t return to Vancouver, the police department’s traffic unit will still have their hands full ensuring drivers’ hands are empty.

“We’ll get you if you continue to do it,” Christensen warned. “We’re actively hunting you down.”

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s David Molko