An Alberta real estate agent is resorting to the prehistoric past with the use of a dinosaur to draw attention to a house that has been languishing on the market for months.

With the Edmonton area’s housing market slumping, real estate agent Erin Hettle has employed the help of a life-size T. rex costume in a bid to turn heads.

“In real estate right now, with it being so saturated, you have to be prepared to go outside the box and do creative things,” Hettle told CTV Edmonton on Monday.

The orange-coloured dinosaur was photographed in various poses throughout the St. Albert home, in images included in the property’s listing online.

In one photo, the voracious reptile is seen baring its teeth above a frying pan in the kitchen. In another, the T. rex is shown lounging in a backyard hammock. Other highlights include the dinosaur rocking out with a guitar in the basement, singing in the shower, and resting by the fireplace.

“I think it just brings some humour to it while you're looking at the same pictures all the time,” Hettle said.

The gag appears to be working, according to Hettle. The real estate agent said she’s seen an increase in interest for the four-bedroom home since she posted the photos with the T. rex.

“We’ve seen the showings triple in activity,” she said.

Despite the publicity and the dinosaur model’s best efforts to make it seem hospitable, the house remains for sale.