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Canadian airlines rank last for on-time arrivals in North America


A new report says the country's two biggest airlines ranked last for on-time performance among large North American carriers last month.

Aviation data company Cirium says nearly 28 per cent of Air Canada flights, or more than 8,700, landed late in October, placing the company ninth out of 10 airlines on the continent.

The report found WestJet came last with nearly 29 per cent of arrivals touching down late -- defined as more than 15 minutes after scheduled arrival.

The two airlines' on-time percentage of just over 70 per cent falls far short of the North American average of 80 per cent -- itself the lowest of any region globally -- while Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines all notched north of 85 per cent.

Nonetheless, Air Canada's outcome marks an improvement from its tally of 68 per cent the previous month.

In the past, Air Canada has pointed to a shortage of air traffic controllers, bad weather and a network running at full tilt amid high demand, which can mean longer recovery times after a disruption.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 20, 2023. Top Stories

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