Canada AM décor expert Karl Lohnes shows you how to update a home with today’s new lighting fixtures.

Table: Look for traditional shapes with trend-setting colours. The gourd style table lamp has been around for a long time and remains a staple in decorating. #269X, $300.

Flush-mount: This pick is sleek and more interesting than those 1970-styled canopied fixtures. Classic X-patterns with gold or brass metal finishes are very popular right now. #2552, $695.

Reading: The small banker style lights with sleek metal finishes are great for scattering around reading chairs and end of sofa areas. #461, $345.

Pendants: Caged-style lights can be used over kitchen islands, dining tables or used in the centre of rooms with high ceilings. Graphic and modern teardrop cage styles are all the rage today. #2721, $595.

Floor: Interesting, useful and slightly retro in their style; floor lamps really excelled in style in the 1960s. But there are great options today to choose from for your home. An easel lamp is a great way to fill a corner with interest and light. #S706, $795.

All lighting is from Robert Abbey Lighting. Visit their website for information on retailers near you.

Ambiient light

A good way to nice, ambient light is through the use of LED bulbs

  • These bulbs give the same soft white light that the incandescent lights give, but with no more harsh fluorescent light.
  • Bulbs stay cool to touch; creating less heat.
  • LED bulbs can last over 20 years, so you don’t have to change bulbs as often.
  • The bulbs use only 20 per cent of the energy as a regular bulb. That saves money for consumers.
  • The Philips LED bulbs are dimmable, which allows consumers to create various moods in the home.
  • The new LED bulbs will fit the regular sockets in your existing light fixtures.
  • Some new LED bulbs are not made of glass -- that creates a safer product for consumers.

Bulbs available at Philips. Visit their website for more information