Meghan Markle will join her fiancé Prince Harry and the rest of his family for Christmas this year at Sandringham estate in an unprecedented first for someone who isn’t an official member of the Royal Family, yet.

After moving from her home in Toronto to live with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace in London, England last month, CTV’s royal commentator Richard Berthelsen said it made “perfect sense” that she should be invited to celebrate Christmas with the Royal Family, even if it’s a first.

“Her parents are separated, they’re divorced, she no longer has her own home, she’s living with Prince Harry, she would have been alone, otherwise, at Christmas,” he explained to CTV News Channel on Friday.

Berthelsen said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will host Markle and Prince Harry in their home on the Sandringham estate, located in Norfolk, during the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, Markle can expect to participate in a gift exchange where the parcels are laid out on a large dining room table in order of precedence, Berthelsen said. Following that, the family will sit down to a large dinner.

On Christmas day itself, Berthelsen said there is more of a focus on the holiday’s religious aspect and Markle will join the family in attending a morning church service. In the afternoon, the Royal Family will gather to watch the Queen’s annual televised Christmas message where he expects the sovereign to speak about the meaning of the holiday, global events and family milestones, such as the Duke of Edinburgh retiring from public life.

Berthelsen said Christmas will be a great opportunity for Markle to get to know the family she will marry into next spring.

“They’re very happy,” he said. “Everyone wants to meet her.”