Unfinished facilities. Backed-up plumbing. Robberies. Contaminated water.

The issues seem to keep piling ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games, with the opening ceremonies in Rio just days away. Athletes, fans and reporters in the city are sharing all kinds of troubling stories and images in the lead-up to the Games, suggesting all is not quite ready for the international event.

Much of the pre-Games buzz in Rio has surrounded the quality of the water at its aquatic venues. A study commissioned by the Associated Press has shown that the water is contaminated with dangerous viruses and raw human sewage. Health officials have already recommended that water sport athletes compete with their mouths closed. Some athletes using the rowing venue have taken greater precautions, bleaching their oars, donning plastic suits and taking antibiotics to resist the harmful bacteria living in the water.

CTV's Genevieve Beauchemin shared images on Twitter showing just how clean (and dirty) the water in Rio is at the moment, in different parts of the city.

International Olympic Committeee President Thomas Bach said at a press conference on Sunday that Rio's Guanabara Bay is up to WHO standards, according to tests conducted four times a day. 

Omar Sachedina says the Olympic buzz is fairly muted in some of Rio's slums, as most can't afford a ticket.

Earlier, he shared this photo of a barrier in Arroio Fundo to keep garbage from flowing into the Guanabara Bay.

Many athletes have already checked into their rooms and are now sharing photos and stories from the Athletes Village.

Chinese hurdler Shi Dongpeng says his cameraman was robbed shortly after he arrived in Brazil. According to reports, the cameraman's video gear was stolen in the confusion caused by a man who vomited on Shi.

Team Australia reported a coach's laptop and several T-shirts had been stolen from their dorm at the Athletes Village during a fire alarm evacuation. The theft came after Australia delayed its move-in due to conditions it deemed unacceptable at the facility.

However, several teams have shared photos and tweets saying their accommodations are just fine.

With files from The Associated Press