A Shanghai tech fair exhibit that allowed visitors to clobber a bobble-head likeness of Donald Trump has been shut down for encouraging the "violent disrespect" of a public figure, organizers said Thursday.

The kiosk at this week's Consumer Electronics Show Asia (CES Asia) was set up by Japanese tech firm Soliton Systems as a "stress-relief" station.

Visitors were given a hammer to smash a life-sized likeness of the U.S. president, who has angered many Chinese by launching a tariff war with China.

The U.S. Consumer Technology Association (CTA) -- which stages the show each year -- told AFP it issued a "warning" to Soliton Systems on Tuesday.

A curtain was seen drawn across the display site on Thursday, and the Trump likenesses had been removed.

The association told AFP that exhibitors sign contracts making clear that displays cannot be "offensive."

"We will not tolerate violent disrespect of any public figure."

Soliton Systems officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The three-day trade show opened on Tuesday under the shadow of the escalating trade war.

China and the United States have hit each other with steep tariffs on more than $360 billion in bilateral trade, rattling financial markets and business confidence.

Technology is a key battleground, with the United States pressing governments across the world to drop Chinese telecom giant Huawei from their 5G network development plans, saying it could be used by Beijing for espionage.

Huawei denies the charge.