To combat the declining use of the most ancient moves and styles, the Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive aims to capture them using the most advanced technologies, including 3D motion capture, HD high speed video, and panoptic video, which offers six points of view.

The project is a joint effort between the International Guoshu Association (IGA) and the University of Hong Kong (CHUK) to create a digital library that will likely play host to exhibitions and installations and be the epicenter of ongoing research centered on China's history and cultural heritage.

Founders leave no mystery as to other possible uses of their archive, which will comprise comprehensive metadata, descriptions and physical annotations of a legendary sport that has inspired a multitude of films and certainly video games.

Crowdfunding for the project started Aug. 15, with funders able to receive a variety of thank you gifts including a Kung fu iPhone 5 case, a guided tour of the motion capture lab, and a handmade sword by celebrated swordmaker Jian Cun Xiao Yue Jian.

Founders are pleased to accept donations in any sum, although they have pre-set categories ranging from $39 to $15,600.