Anyone looking to extend the coverage of their Internet router with fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity can now do so with D-Link’s new range extender, the first of its kind in Canada.

As far as wireless range extenders go, there’s nothing really sexy about the DAP-1520. It doesn’t have any Ethernet ports, no built-in charging capabilities and no visible external antennas.

And that’s a good thing, actually, if all you want to do is improve the wireless coverage in your home without unsightly technology.

You see, for a range extender to be effective, it needs to be close enough to your main access point to pick up a strong signal, and it needs to be in an open enough area so it can transmit a signal of its own.

So, much to my surprise, my significant other never balked at having this tiny little white box plugged in to the wall by our kitchen.

Checking out the specs, the DAP-1520 offers dual-speed connectivity of up to 433Mbps via the 5GHz band. When running side-by-side with my traditional main router, coverage was roughly (and surprisingly) the same.

While it was easy to configure, some users may frown for this range extender only offers WPA or WPA2 security. But it’s tough to argue with its small size.

Available in Canada for $79.99