TORONTO -- A member of the Ontario legislature is calling for a different ketchup to be served in the dining room and cafeteria at Queen's Park -- and flavour isn't an issue.

Taras Natyshak presented a petition Monday calling for ketchup made with Leamington, Ont.-grown tomatoes to be served at the Ontario legislature.

Heinz, which shut down its Leamington plant at a cost of about 750 jobs, is the current ketchup available at the Ontario legislature.

Natyshak's petition calls for a switch to French's ketchup, which he says "proudly uses tomatoes grown in Leamington."

He points out that the Ontario legislature has a rich history of promoting Ontario products, such as craft beer, Ontario wine, fruits and vegetables.

And the MPP from Essex, which includes Leamington, says the ketchup currently being served in the dining room and cafeteria is not an Ontario product.

"The promotion of French's ketchup would greatly support local tomato producers, local workers and communities across Essex county," he said.

"I know there's an appetite for a petition of this sort here in the chamber," Natyshak added.