OTTAWA -- Canada won't increase the number of new immigrants being welcomed to the country next year, but is laying the foundation for a bigger boost in levels in the coming years.

Numbers tabled today in the House of Commons show Canada will bring in 300,000 new arrivals next year -- the same number that was established this year on a temporary basis to accommodate an influx of Syrian refugees.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says the 300,000 number will now become the foundational figure for future growth in immigration targets.

The announcement comes amid warnings from the Liberals' council of economic advisers that the country needs to increase immigration levels by the tens of thousands in order to ensure better economic growth.

The council recommended the government gradually increase immigration levels to 450,000 a year over the next five years.

McCallum says the 450,000 figure is something to aspire to, but insists that target wasn't considered in establishing next year's immigration target.