Video of a young girl leading her blind father to work on a coconut farm in the Philippines has prompted a charitable organization to step in and help.

The video shows Jenny, 5, leading her father, Nelson "Dodong" Pepe, around the coconut farm where he works, helping him avoid other people and guiding him to his lunch of crackers and water. The three-minute video has more than 2.4 million views on Facebook since it was posted June 9.

Pepe climbed approximately 60 coconut trees and earned 300 pesos ($8.28 Canadian) per day in the job, according to the ABS-CBN Foundation.

After the video went viral, ABS-CBN visited the father and daughter and offered to help them out. Pepe was taken to Manila, where his blindness was diagnosed as retinal detachment and retinitis pigmentosa.

Pepe will undergo "livelihood training" and he will be relocated to a "safer environment" with his daughter, ABS-CBN said in a story on its website.