CALGARY -- Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan says he would improve child welfare, education and justice for Indigenous people if his party were to win the April 16 election.

Khan says a Liberal government would create regional Indigenous child protection offices, run by Indigenous groups, to help keep children in their home communities.

He says there would be Indigenous-led revisions to the school curriculum and the creation of Indigenous language immersion programs.

The party would also require provincial courts to use Indigenous-based sentencing principles and amend legislation making juries more representative.

Khan also says he would work to get six new seats in the legislature specifically for elected Indigenous members.

Khan, a lawyer specializing in Indigenous rights and land-claims litigation, won the party's leadership in 2017.

"Alberta Liberals believe there must be reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in government and society," Khan said in a release Thursday.

"Indigenous Albertans face systemic racism and the consequences of Canada's violent colonial past. Our plan will help addresses these issues."