A 96-year-old Winnipeg woman has taken up a new hobby: strength training at a local gym.

Winnie Clements, 96, heard that her 74-year-old daughter was working out so she decided to give it a try.

Body-builder and gym owner Valentine Payne now trains both women with free weights and on machines.

“She told me she wanted to get stronger and gain a little bit of weight, and I told her I’m the guy to go to,” Payne told CTV News Channel.

“It doesn’t matter how old the person is, I can help them to get fit and stronger because I’ve done many years of extensive research,” he added.

Payne said Clements is a “bit fragile” so he has to be cautious, but he enjoys training Clements, who reminds him of his mom.

Clements, meanwhile, says she “loves” training with Payne.

Winnie Clements

Winnie Clements, 96, trains with Valentine Payne in Winnipeg. (Source: Valentine Payne)