TORONTO -- Lazy cats, step aside.

Although some have trained their cats to walk on leashes, Michelle Gagnon has trained her cat Bohdi to do that while on hikes in the Canadian Rockies.

But it was no small feat getting her feline to follow the trails in Alberta communities such as Banff and Canmore. Gagnon said it took “a lot of patience” despite Bodhi's adventurous spirit as a kitten.

“Dogs you know, they're like 'Master, I follow you everywhere, I'll do whatever you say,’” she told CTV News. “Cats you have to convince them that this is what you want to do.”

Gagnon runs an Instagram page showing Bodhi hiking, looking majestic before a picturesque mountain backdrop, paddleboarding and even going for a swim. He’s basically a cat of all seasons.

“Cats adapt but it takes time and each time they get out, they are better,” she explained. Bohdi, who Gagnon calls the gentle giant, is a fairly large Maine Coon cat.

Although Bohdi weighs 6.8 kilograms, he’s fairly small compared to wildlife in the region.

“With lynx around the corner, and cougars and bears and everything -- it slows him down,” she said, describing how Bohdi could sense predators and when he did, remained perfectly still “all of a sudden”

When he’s gripped with fear, Gagnon will carry him around. “His safe spot is on my shoulders,” she told CTV News.

On longer trails, she even goes cycling with Bodhi riding in a special basket.

And whenever she’s out hiking with Bohdi, Gagnon says that it’s not uncommon for her to be asked: “what are you doing with your cat out here?”

She always responds, “Do you know what? My cat likes this as much as your dog.”


��Paddleboarding around the Upper Kananaskis Lake was very exciting with the wind and waves. At one point, the waves were coming right over the board and mama could barely paddle with the wind. The third photo I was trying to hide from the splashing water. A friend took me in her kayak for a bit and that was better while mama paddled through the head wind. We stopped for a break a few times and I enjoyed stretching my legs. —————————————————————- ��We went about 15 km around the lake and the wind picked up again on the way back. I discovered the best thing to do was to load up and sit on mamas shoulders. —————————————————————- ��Close to the end, we went with the wind and cut across the lake with the big waves. Mama put me down when she started to feel off balance in the waves. Shortly after, she fell in. I wasn’t impressed. —————————————————————��What an adventure. We can go anywhere! - - - #watercat #supwithacat #sup #paddlecat #supcat #lake #ww #whiskerwednesday #mountainlife #adventurecatsintraining #adventurecat #adventurecats #catventurer #catventures #catadventures #catexplorer #backcountrypaws #fuzzyears #eartufts #adventurecatsofinstagram #adventurebuddy #adventurepartner #maincooncat #canmorekananaskis #canadianrockies #canmore #mountainlifestyle #kananaskis #travelalberta #beactivewithacat

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