If you've ever longed to play a game of soccer, baseball, basketball or other sport at a moment's notice but have had problems finding other interested participants, you're in luck. Sportan, due in May, allows users to easily organize pick-up sports with friends.

The app works like this: first, let it know you're ready for sports action via the "Gamebar" widget, then search for open games in your neighborhood or surrounding area. Once you've found a game, you use the app to look for friends, co-workers, family members and anyone else in your area who might want to play.

Sportan also allows you to create a game and customize it based on age, skill level and gender, and invite others via Facebook, text or email.

Currently this free app supports the following sports: basketball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, pool, bowling, ping pong, football, golf, hockey and badminton.

Right now Sportan is a popular crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with an official launch slated for May 2014. Those who contribute to $100 or more to the campaign receive app access in April. It will be available for iOS and Android devices.