Health Canada has issued a warning about unauthorized beauty products sold at a store in Oshawa, Ont. that may pose serious health risks to consumers.

According to a statement released Sept. 3, the agency seized Bielenda Dr. Medica anti-acne day/night cream and toning liquid, which contained a prescription drug, from retail shop The Deli Corner in Oshawa, Ont., and its distributor in Oakville, Ont. 

The anti-acne products contained azelaic acid, which is a formula used to treat rosacea. The agency says unauthorized health products may be “contaminated, contain dangerous ingredients not listed on the label, or not contain the ingredient shown on the label.”

Using unauthorized health products containing azelaic acid could cause skin irritation, hypersensitivity or changes in skin colour.

Health Canada advises consumers who did purchase the product to stop using it immediately.

Bielenda Dr. Medica toning liquid