A brand of fish batter is being recalled in Canada over a possible salmonella contamination.

In a news release, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said that Shore Lunch brand Fish Breading/Batter Mix products are being recalled from the marketplace, and that consumers should not eat them. Both the original recipe and Cajun style batters are being recalled.

The recalled products brand name, size, product code and UPC are listed on the CFIA website.

Health Canada is urging consumers who have the recalled products at home to throw them out or return to the store where they were purchased.

Health Canada said the recall was triggered in another country, and that the CFIA is conducting an investigation.

CFIA adds that foods that have been contaminated with salmonella may not always come across as spoiled but can still cause serious health concerns. It adds young children, pregnant women among others can even contract, in some cases, deadly infections.

Recalled fish batter mix