South Korean rapper Psy galloped and bobbed across a New York City stage on Monday night, capping off the year 2012 by performing his hit “Gangnam Style” for an audience of millions.

Complete with a cameo from MC Hammer, Psy’s performance resulted in just what one would expect from a pop star whose biggest song has more than one billion views on YouTube: a massive, outdoor dance party with legions of people imitating his signature “pony” move.

Now that the moment is over, a single question remains: Did everyone who watched “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on Monday inadvertently witness the retirement of “Gangnam Style?”

Psy had suggested in a recent interview with MTV News that his New Year’s Eve show “may be the ending” of the obscenely catchy and oh-so-danceable hit.

“Being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve is already special -- it’s the biggest stage in the universe -- plus, it’s my birthday,” said Psy, who turned 35 on Monday. “I mean, what better way to do it? It’s my biggest and most meaningful birthday.”

But in the same interview, Psy conceded that the viral song will still be part of his repertoire.

The entertainer told MTV News he still needs to honour commitments to sing the song in Paris and China. Psy added that he’s bound to promotional duties, but wants to move on to another hit.

“(Gangnam Style) became too popular, and so you start to have some concern about its life period,” he said. “I’m really working hard on a new single right now.”

Psy’s vague remarks have perhaps generated more questions than answers on the topic of “Gangnam Style’s” lifespan. But if the reaction on social media is any indication, Psy has more than a few detractors that want the dance hit to disappear from television and radio play.

“It's 2013. Gangnam Style is dead and buried OKAY,” declared one Twitter user with the handle @LeS4ndy.

That sentiment was echoed by user @nutellabieber who appeared to be more than a little tired with the song: “It's ironic how PSY's name is pronounced ‘sigh’ which is exactly what I do when I hear Gangnam Style for the billionth time,” they tweeted.

Another member of the Twitterverse requested that “Gangnam Style” vanish with another trend.

“Can YOLO also go away with gangnam style this year?” wrote @AprilLockhart, referring to rapper Drake’s ubiquitous acronym for “You Only Live Once.”

Of course, there are those who question whether “Gangnam Style” will ever truly go away.

“PSY is going to retire Gangnam Style tonight the only way he knows how... by horsey dancing on television and into our nightmares,” wrote Twitter user @sonicdork.