Terry Gilliam thinks young stars should behave badly.

The 73-year-old Monty Python star isn't surprised by the likes of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus behaving badly and wishes more young celebrities had a rock 'n' roll attitude.

Speaking at the UK premiere of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' in London on Thursday night (09.01.14), he said: "That's what they are supposed to do. Go off the rails, get into drugs, die young - that's what you are supposed to do ... There aren't as many deaths as there used to be. Rock 'n' roll used to be a lot more fun, everything is a bit too timed now."

Terry and the rest of Monty Python - John Cleese, 74, Terry Jones, 71, Michael Palin, 70, and Eric Idle, 70 - announced late last year they had reformed to perform 10 live shows at The O2 in London this summer.

Despite the troupe all being senior citizens, Terry insists he and his Python pals will be wild at the live dates.

The filmmaker told BANG Showbiz: "When you've got 15, 000 people screaming, you better be rock 'n' roll ... We're even older than The Rolling Stones, but cheaper!

"We're old men now ... Inside we're young and bouncy but outside it's all decaying flesh and limbs that don't work anymore. The show's called 'One Down Five To Go'. Maybe we'll be two down four to go by the time we finish."