Lululemon has unveiled a new line of yoga pants, but sadly, they’re all sold out.

Yoga enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the coveted “spray-on yoga pants” designed by Jimmy Kimmel are out of luck.

The comedian aired a spoof commercial last Thursday night, revealing Lululemon’s latest line of apparel. “Just when you thought it couldn’t go any further, Lululemon has come up with something even more revealing than the yoga pants they already sell,” Kimmel said on his late-night show.

The comedian was mocking the fact that some schools in the U.S. are banning female students from wearing yoga pants because “they’re causing male students to go through puberty prematurely.”

Lululemon responded to Kimmel’s spoof by creating a landing page on its website for the faux spray-on pants.

“Goodbye pants, hello comfort. Designed for lightweight flexibility and versatility, our newest innovation, Spray-On Yoga Pants, will take us to and through our practice without the fuss. The breathable, seamless construction provides next-level comfort whether we’re headed straight to class or the cafe,” Lululemon wrote.

The yoga pants, listed at $1,200 a can, are already out of stock.

The company boasts that the pants’ fabric “fits like a second skin, with a “seamless construction” that keeps you comfortable.

Lululemon is known for its cheeky ad campaigns. Last April Fools’ Day, the company said it was introducing a line of athletic leather products called lululeather.