TWILLINGATE, N.L. -- A fishing boat featured on the reality TV series "Cold Water Cowboys" was consumed by a dramatic fire that broke out Monday morning at wharf in Twillingate, N.L.

Fire officials said they expected the Sebastian Sails to sink by the end of the day.

Jim Hall of the Twillingate Fire Department told The Canadian Press shortly after 2 p.m. that the coast guard was on hand to help control the blaze that had spread to the wharf near a fish plant.

Hall said the fire was contained, and all other vessels on the wharf had been moved to safety, but the ship probably would not last the next few hours.

"She's almost ready to sink," Hall said.

The Sebastian Sails was one of several Newfoundland boats featured on the TV series that aired for four seasons on Discovery Channel Canada.

Deborah Bourden, who operates the nearby Anchor Inn Hotel and Suites, said plumes of smoke were seen coming from the Sebastian Sails.

Bourden said explosions were heard and it's believed they originated from propane tanks on the longliner.

"At one point the flames were about 25 feet high and there was a lot of black smoke," she said. "I heard the explosion and you knew something was going on and it wasn't good."

Bourden said the town's fire department responded not long after the fire broke out just before 6 a.m.

"They had to move several longliners that were close to it (the fire) off from the wharf. The pier was also on fire right next to the boat ... Luckily it wasn't one of the fish plant buildings."

She said the fish plant is closed and has been for the last two summers.