A Montreal busker is still revelling in the thrill of his impromptu duet with the recording artist Seal.

Jason Deeh Pitre told CTV Montreal that Seal's 1994 self-titled album was "the first CD I ever bought," so it was a happy coincidence when Seal stopped to sing with Pitre on the streets of Montreal on Saturday.

Seal chose "Stand By Me" to sing with Pitre, much to the delight of those nearby. A few individuals recorded the performance and posted it on social media.

"He said, 'I like how you sing,'" Pitre told CTV Montreal. "I said, 'Ok… Are you Seal?'"

The performance was an unexpected thrill for Pitre, who is a self-taught musician. Pitre plays with the local band The Scroll, and has been busking for three summers.

Seal retweeted a video showing part of the performance on Saturday, but did not add a comment.

Pitre says he didn't exchange contact information with Seal, but he's sure the singer will find him again if he wants another duet.

"Any time, if he wants an encore, I'm all set," Pitre said.

With files from CTV Montreal