Life’s too short not to live the way you want -- which is exactly why there was no way 86-year-old Inez Whitfield was going to miss Lady Gaga in concert.

Despite recently undergoing surgery for a perforated appendix, Whitfield wouldn’t have skipped Gaga’s Monday night performance in Edmonton for the world, even if she did have to watch from a wheelchair.

The spunky senior has been a big fan of the pop superstar ever since she saw her on Oprah.

“There are a few people that will resonate with me, and Lady Gaga did,” she told CTV Edmonton. “She’s gutsy, she’s daring, she’s beautiful, (and) she has a message in her songs.”

Whitfield was particularly moved by Gaga’s single “Born This Way”, particularly the lyrics: “We are all born superstars.”

“It just did something for me,” she said.

Whitfield feels touched by Lady Gaga’s positivity, and said she thinks her and the “Applause” singer both share a love of life and living it to the fullest.

“I like her philosophy,” she said. “I can relate to her in that respect: live, just live and enjoy every day.”

Gaga and Whitfield also have similar taste in over-the-top apparel.

“I live for glitter,” she said, as her daughter, Kendra, showed off the sparkly number the 86-year-old wore to the concert Monday night.

A “little monster” -- Lady Gaga’s term for her fans -- for several years now, this wasn’t the first time Whitfield had seen the eccentric performer. She and her daughter also attended Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour a few years ago.