A woman who lost three children and her father in a fatal Vaughan, Ont., crash says there are days she doesn’t want to "get out of bed."

Jennifer Neville-Lake spoke outside a Newmarket courthouse on Thursday after learning a man involved in the crash would be remanded in police custody until the next hearing later this month.

Marco Muzzo, 29, the grandson of a billionaire developer, is facing several charges following the Sept. 27 crash that claimed the lives of Neville-Lake's three children.

"It's beyond anger, beyond rage," said Neville-Lake, who wore a locket containing her children's ashes. "We're in the questioning stages. 'Who are you to have done this to us? We paid such a high price for what?'"

Nine-year-old Daniel, 5-year-old Harrison (Harry) and 2-year-old Milagros (Milly) Neville-Lake were killed in the crash. The children's 65-year-old grandfather Gary Neville was also killed.

"There are days we don't want to get out of bed and we actually haven't been able to spend a day without crying."

Thursday would have also been Neville-Lake's parent’s 38th wedding anniversary. Neville-Lake said her family went to her father's gravesite in the morning to visit. She wore a yellow rose, representing the flowers that decorated her parents' wedding.

Neville-Lake's mother was injured in the crash, but has since recovered enough to return home for a brief visit. She said she's drawing strength from the kindness of family, friends and strangers who have reached out to her since the fatal crash.

"I just hope that whatever happens, we are the last family to hold all three of our children's death certificates in one hand because of someone," Neville-Lake said.

Muzzo appeared at the Thursday hearing briefly via video, where it was decided that court would reconvene later this month.

Muzzo will appear again by video on Nov. 26, at 10:30 a.m.

With a report by CTV Toronto's Austin Delaney