In the midst of the latest winter storm to pound the Maritimes, a snowed-in New Brunswick man took to YouTube with evidence that he was up to his eyeballs in the white stuff.

The video filmed on Sunday, shows Kevin McGrath, of Dieppe N.B., struggling to leave his house.

Dieppe was hit with approximately 55 centimetres of snow over the weekend. The heavy snowfall led the city to close many schools and roads as cleanup continued into Tuesday.

In the video, he first tries the front door but, when he is confronted with snow banks reaching as high as nine feet, he turns to another exit. He then tries the garage, but his escape is thwarted by more high piles of snow.

“We’re pretty much snowed-in for the foreseeable future,” McGrath says in the video.

The storm also hit parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, leaving upwards of 70 centimetres of snow in some areas.

Here are some photos of “Stormageddon 2015” in the Maritimes: