After a rollercoaster of a summer that saw parts of the country sweltering with hot, dry weather without a raindrop in sight and other regions inundated with heavy rainfall and cooler-than-average temperatures, some welcome stability may be on the way, according to Environment Canada.

The next few months are expected to be warmer than average for most of Canada, according to Environment Canada’s senior climatologist Dave Phillips. Canadians in the east, who may be harbouring some residual bitterness over the wet and cool summer they experienced, will be relieved to know that a warm up is on the way, Phillips said.

“It’s just been too much summer out west and not enough summer in the east,” Phillips told CTV’s Your Morning on Monday. “We think it will be, on average, warmer than normal across most parts of the country.”

On top of that, nature-lovers in the eastern parts of the country will be treated to a dramatic display of beautiful fall colours when the trees begin to change, the climatologist predicted.

“For people in the east who said, ‘this has been the year without summer,’ I think it’s going to be the most spectacular, colour-change season in history,” Phillips said.

The consistent rain and absence of long periods of hot, humid weather have resulted in “healthy and happy” leaves on the trees, according to Phillips. He said the fact that many leaves are still clinging on to their branches at this point in the summer is an indication of the colourful show to come.

“The weather leading into the fall has been perfect for a colour-change season,” Phillips said.

Despite the “fickle and fitful” weather in the east that toyed with Canadians’ summer plans, particularly on the weekends, Phillips said it doesn’t mean the fall and winter will follow suit.

“One season doesn’t give you a clue at all,” he explained. “Maybe we’ve had all the bad weather and we’re owed some good weather.”