Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's lawyer is calling on police to release the video they say they now have in their possession.

In an interview with NEWSTALK 1010, lawyer Dennis Morris said, now that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says investigators are in possession of the video, it's the public's turn to weigh the evidence.

"Let the public see it. Let the public judge for themselves," Morris said Friday morning, adding that he's speaking on behalf of the mayor.

Morris slammed Blair for announcing Thursday that police had recovered a previously deleted video file that allegedly shows Ford smoking from what appears to be a crack pipe.

Blair would not elaborate or give details on what he saw Ford doing in the recovered video, but he did say he was "disappointed" by what he saw.

Last May, U.S. website Gawker and the Toronto Star reported that a number of their employees had been shown a video in which the mayor is apparently smoking from a crack pipe.

Morris said he'd like to see Blair state, under oath, that's he's seen video of Ford smoking crack cocaine.

"I'd like him to say that under oath,” he said. ”I know he can't."

Morris added that Ford looks "great" in light of the document released Thursday that shows police launched an investigation in the days after reports of the alleged video first made headlines.

The document includes references to meetings between Ford and his friend Alexander Lisi, often in gas stations and abandoned parking lots. Occasionally during the meetings, packages are left in white plastic bags or manila envelopes, the document says.

None of the allegations in the document have been tested or proven in court.

"The 500 pages show beyond doubt that he's not been involved in any crack cocaine transaction or smoking crack cocaine," Morris said, adding that despite all the police resources used during the probe, police failed to lay any charges against Ford.

"Did they get any charge out of that at all?" he asked.

Alexander Lisi was granted bail Friday on an extortion charge in relation to the alleged video.

Lisi, 35, was arrested earlier in October on a number of drug-related charges.