A student in Toronto says he’s upset that his school bus is often between a half-hour and two hours late – and on some days doesn’t show up at all.

Fardin Rohan, a Grade 10 student in the Toronto District School Board who has special needs, says that it makes him angry that his school bus is so unreliable.

Rohan got a ride to school with his father, Abdul Momen, on Monday after the bus – yet again -- didn’t show up.

Momen said his son usually misses the first class of the day and that when the teen’s schedule is interrupted, “his whole day will be upset.”

Kevin Hodgkinson, the school board official in charge of busing, said that the bus company contracted on the route, Stock Transportation, has a shortage of drivers that is causing delays.

“They are struggling,” he said. “They do have a full complement of drivers in their training program,” he added. “It just seems as many drivers coming into the system are almost leaving it as well.”

Hodgkinson said that while the school board “may not be able to control the delay,” they should be able to at least “communicate that delay to the families better and to the schools so everyone is aware of what’s going up.”

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Heather Wright