A sticky situation almost became a stinky one when an Ontario woman came to the aid of a skunk with a McDonald’s McFlurry cup stuck on its head.

Tina Christie from Kemptville, Ont., was getting her car washed when she noticed the distressed animal.

A plastic topper on the cup was stuck around the skunk’s neck, and it walked aimlessly in circles and, according to Christie, struggled to breathe.

Hoping to help, Christie called the skunk toward her as she edged closer. Meanwhile, she hit record on her phone’s camera.

After nearly two minutes of approaching the trapped critter, Christie successfully snatched the cup off its head.

The skunk then scampered away -- with the plastic ring still stuck around its neck.

Christie said the experience was “awesome” and she was happy to help.

“My energy calmed him,” she told CTV News in an email, adding that she didn’t get sprayed because she kept calm herself.

A video of the rescue was posted to Christie’s Facebook page on Thursday and has since garnered more than 1,600 views.