A military training session in Nova Scotia had to be cancelled earlier this week after someone pointed a laser at an aircraft cockpit.

Cpt. Tristan Dobson told CTV Atlantic he and his crew were about to take-off from a military base in Greenwood, N.S. for a training exercise on Monday evening when they noticed someone was pointing a green laser at the aircraft. The training session had to be cancelled to allow doctors to inspect the crew members.

"Anytime someone shines a laser or anything directly at the cockpit, chances are the pilots are going to get it right in the eyes and basically it's sort of like looking at the sun,” he said.

No one on board was harmed in the incident, but Dobson said it could’ve been much worse. His plane, a C130 Hercules, is used as a search and rescue aircraft.

“You’re also putting lives at risk of people who may need our help,” Dobson said. “If that had been a real mission, instead of a training exercise, we would have been significantly delayed, which could cost people their lives."

The military believes someone hiding in a nearby wooded area is behind the laser pointing.

The RCMP is investigating the incident. Anyone found responsible could face a stiff fine, or even criminal charges.

"For the RCMP, we could look at mischief endangering life, a charge under the criminal code,” said Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, spokesperson for the Nova Scotia RCMP. “There are charges for this particular type of incident under the Aeronautics Act of Canada. That might be applicable as well."

Anyone with information is asked to call Nova Scotia RCMP.